River Working Group

The Grow L+A River Working group proudly convenes local stakeholders to advocate for maximum “Best Use” of the Androscoggin River, the Canals, the Great Falls, and all that surround it. Our partners include Lewiston and Auburn City staff, elected and appointed officials, Androscoggin Land Trust, Museum LA, Bates College, Androscoggin Historical Society, Healthy Androscoggin, LA Metro Chamber, and passionate citizen advocates. We often work in partnership with owners of the area dams on the Little Androscoggin and Brookfield, the operator of Monty Hydro, that controls 13 dams on the Androscoggin River.

Our advocacy includes:

  • River History Walking Trail: “Museum In The Streets” signage and GPS History Trail on the Riverwalk in downtown LA
  • Officially naming and marketing a “Historic River District”
  • Installing a webcam on the Great Falls to display it when it is running
  • Lighting the Great Falls at night
  • Timed dam releases over The Great Falls
  • Revitalizing and showcasing the Lewiston Canals for tourism and public activities such as skating
  • Community events on the River such as paddling, fishing derby, etc.

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